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Birthday Parties

Delivered fresh to your door

We all know that birthday parties will have their fair share of sweets and junk food. Why not add a little balance with fiber filled, nourishing snacks?

Custom order a birthday party package with any variety of bars and muffins. Price to be determined by items and quantity ordered.

*Available for pick-up by local clients

*If shipped, will arrive the day prior to the event

*Will deliver to local clients for a $10 fee.

Email for more information. 


Sporting Events

Optimize performance with good nutrition

Does your child need a pre-sport snack? Or is it your turn to bring a post-sport snack to the team? Fuel their little bodies with the nutrition that it needs.

Custom order your team snacks. Price to be determine by items and quantity ordered. 10% Discount when you book more than one event per season.

*Available for pick-up by local clients the day prior to the event 

*If shipped, will arrive the day prior to your event. 

*For sportings event located in Dublin, OH, Fiber Kids will deliver directly to your event for a delivery fee of $10.00

Email for more information.  


Medical Professionals

Free samples for patients

Do your patients struggle with fiber intake? Help prevent constipation with fiber-rich snacks. Fiber Kids products provide fiber from wheat bran, psyllium husk, whole wheat flour, oats, blueberries, or bananas.

Book a Free Sample Event in your office or clinic and patients will get 15% off of their order placed on the day of the event. Products will be delivered directly to the customer. 

Email for more information.